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  • Program Manager
    Reports to Director General for Health through NMCHC Derector
    • Advocacy Unit

      For Reproductive & Sexual Health Priorities

      For integretion of donor support and other stakeholders through mandated TWGs
    • Reproductive Health Management
      Deputy Program Manager(Medical Doctor)
      Reproductive Health Training & IEC
      Deputy Program Manager(Medical Doctor)
      Reports to Program Manager
      • Future Development
        Finance & Human Resources
        Staff: 2
        Reports to Management Deputy Program Manager
      • Policy & Planning Staff 2
        National RH Coordinators
        Data Management & Analysis
        Reports to Management Deputy Program Manager
      • RH Quality Outcomes
        Staff: 6 National RH Coordinators
        Mentoring & Evaluation Standards, Protocols, Guidlines
        Logistics & Supplies
        Reports to Team Program Program Managers
      • Training & IEC Staff: 6
        National RH Coordinators
        Training IEC/Behaviour Change Strengthening Community Links
        Reports to RH Service Deputy Program Manager
      • Future Development
        Support for RSH Priorities
        Project / Donor / Support within the MoH
        No more than 3 long term project (>3yrs) at one time
        Staff: 3
        (1 Institutional Strenthening or staff capacity building, 2 Service Delivery)
        Reporting arrangement would need to be negotiated
    • Support Team
      Staff: 3 (1 Admin & 2 Support Staff)
      Administration; Research & Data Support
      Reports to Team Program Managers