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The National Nutrition Program of the National Center for Maternal and Child Health in the Ministry of Health is a leading government program in the field of public health. The main goal of the program is to contribute to reducing maternal, infant and child mortality by improving the nutritional status of women and children, such as: Supporting, promoting and supporting the practice of raising infants and young children in Cambodia. Prevent and control malnutrition and micro nutrient deficiencies in children, including vitamins A, iron, iodine and zinc. Etc. The program is responsible for formulating policies, regulations and strategies and facilitating the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of specific nutrition-related areas in the health sector.

Structure of National Nutrition Program

    • NNP
      • MOH Department/Nation Program
        - Payment Certification Agency (PCA)
        - National Center for Health Promotion (NCHP)
        - Preventive Medicine Department (PMD)
        - Department of Planning and Health Information (DPHI)
        - Department of Budget and Finance (DBF)
        - Drugs and Food Department (DFD)
        - Department of Communicable Disease Control (CDC/IMCI)
        - Hospital Services Department (HSD)
        - National Immunization Program (NIP)
        - National Reproductive Health Program (NRHP)
        - Other
      • PHD Nutrition Focal Point
        • HC Staff
      • CARD
        Development Partners
        - UNICEF
        - WHO
        - WB
        - SUN CSA Cambodia
        - HKI
        - A&T
        - WVC
        - SHARE
        - Plan International
        - Save the children
        - GIZ
        - RACHA
        - Others

The National Nutrition Program is a member of:
Inter-Ministerial Technical Committee on Nutrition, Technical Working Group for Social Protection and Food Security and Nutrition, Food Security and Nutrition Forum, MCH Technical Working Group. National Subcommittee on Food Integration, Asia Health Group, 133 cc Sub-Decree, 133 Executive Working Group. NBC/IMCI Technical Working Group for Health, Sub-Technical Working Group for NMCHC

Structure of National Nutrition Program

  • NMCHC Director
    • NNP Director
      Dr. Chea Mary
      • Dupty Manager-Teachnical
        • Technical Specialist Nutrition Policy
          and Planning
          (New CNP Consultant 2019-2024)
          • Technical Research Evaluation
            and Database
            (New CNP Consultant 2019-2024)
            • Technical Specialist Communication
              (New CNP Consultant 2019-2024)
      • Dupty Manager-Operation
        Dr. Chan Sophal
        • Program Officer Monitor and Database
          (New CNP Consultant 2019-2020)
        • Program Officer: Admin, Reporting, & Vacant
          • Program Support Training
            Dr. Chhim
        • Program Officer: MIYCN
          Svay Sary
          • Program Support: MIYCN
            Oeun Bonthet
        • Program Officer: Micronutient
          Dr. Keo Ny
          • Program Support: Micronutient
            Kong Vanly
        • Program Officer Trainer
          Phim Loan
      • Assistant to Program Manager Vacant