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Our sexual and reproductive health services are: 

  • Sexual and reproductive health services both in-patient and out-patients, including (Text can be taken from the photo)
  • In-service short term and long term training for midwives doctors 
  • Clinical Preceptorship training for midwives 
  • Research and thesis

Outpatient services of sexual and reproductive health:

  1. Antenatal Care (ANC)
  2. Obstetric and Gynaecology services (Obgyn)
  3. Post Natal Care (PNC) 
  4. Child Vaccination (11 types of vaccines) 
  5. New-born and Child Nutrition and Development Growth services  
  6. Safe Abortion Care 
  7. Family Planning and Pre-pregnancy care 
  8. Dental services 
  9. Paramedical services 

In-patient service of sexual and reproductive health:

  1. Childbirth/Delivery 
  2. Caesarean Section Birth
  3. Newborn Care