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NMCHC (National Maternal and Child Health Center) is one of the national centers directly under the ministry of health and plays a central role in maternal and child healthcare in Cambodia. Not only for provision of obstetric, gynecological and neonatal care as the highest level of the referral hospitals, NMCHC also has a governmental function which manages reproductive, maternal and child health policies and administration. In addition, teaching functions is another key role of NMCHC, the training center provides essential clinical trainings to doctors, midwives and students to ensure the quality of maternal and child health care in Cambodia.

1930sFounded by Chinese Association
1980sProvided prevention activities such as EPI, ANC, gynecological screening, hygiene,  health education, growth monitoring and infant follow-up as “Central MCH center”
1990Merged with maternal and child hospitals (January 7th hospital)
1992Established as National Maternal and Child Health Center
Merged with PMI(Program for public health and prevention program for maternal and child health) and MCH department of ministry of health 
NMCHC consisted of 6 national programs (MCH training program, Health information system program, Control for Diarrhea Diseases and Cholera program, Acute Respiratory Infection program, Nutrition program, Maternal health program) and hospital functions for obstetrics (3 wards each with 170 beds and 4000 births/year) and pediatrics (500 beds)
1995Pediatrics department was separated as a Kunta Bopha hospital
1997Relocated to new building
1998-1999Restructured with 5 national programs (Nutrition program, Reproductive Health Program, Immunization program, Program for ARI and CDD, Program for PMTCT)

History of in-service education

NMCHC has been providing a number of trainings to variety of health care providers with multiples donors to respond the changing needs of population since 1997.

  • 9 courses for midwives in Referral Hospital
    • NMCHC RH MW Training (ANC, Clean & Safe Delivery, EOC, PNC, Newborn Care, Nutrition (Breastfeeding), EmOC, etc.)
    • Life Saving Skills (MVA, PPH, MgSO4, INC etc.)
    • ToT
  • 44 courses for midwives in health center 
    • NMCHC HC MW training
    • Life Saving Skills
    • ToT
    • 4 months course training

  • BEmONC course for midwives and doctors
  • CEmONC course for doctors
  • 10 courses for Doctors
    • NMCHC RH Doctors training
  • Family planning training
  • Comprehensive Abortion Care Training
  • Nutrition
  • Breastfeeding
  • For lab technicians
  • Supervision activity (MCAT)